Coney Island | Brooklyn Photographer

Just before the summer season kicked off, Andrew and I rode the F train to the end of the line to explore Coney Island.  The hazy mostly overcast day with a constant breeze off the ocean wasn't exactly beckoning beach goers, but it made for a perfect sight-seeing trip sans the typical crowds. We indulged in chili dogs from Nathan's and lived vicariously through the squeals of the amusement park riders. We walked the boardwalk, took a nap on the beach and splurged on tickets for the Wonder Wheel.  The Wonder Wheel, operating since 1920, features swinging cars and boasts 95 years (and counting) of accident free rides. (Although, there was that one time that a woman was stranded for 30 minutes in a car while Beyonce was doing her makeup...)  After a couple of trips around the ferris wheel with views of Manhattan and the surprisingly thrilling swinging cars, we were satisfied with our Coney Island adventure. We boarded the F once again to head home.  Coney Island was the perfect day trip escape!